The Benefits of Going Green.


Although the development and implementation of sustainable building and construction activities is not very advanced as yet in South Africa, there are indications that the implementation of so-called ‘green building’ practices are likely to increase. There are a number of reasons for this including a heightened awareness among construction sector stakeholders – particularly architects – and increased press coverage of the global climate change debate and local energy outages in South Africa, In 5 years, legislation will be implemented that will change the way we live and the way we do business. Building Green will no longer be a moral choice but a legal obligation. In order to keep up with these changes we need to educate ourselves about the availability of services and products that are Green or “greener” than their competitors. The JoAlive2Green is a company that is developing media products that are delivering measurable return on investment for companies whose products are in some way greener than those of their competitors – an extremely powerful marketing angle.


Be sure to also check out the article on ‘Design Guidelines for Energy Efficient Buildings’

The Journal of GreenBuilding (JGB) is an electronic publication that provides a platform from which the five key stakeholders of the built environment communicate and transact. The publication is distributed by email to more than 12000 subscribers within the following broader categories:

• Specifiers (Architects)
• Property Owners and Developers (public and private)
• Building Contractors
• Suppliers (products and services)
• Government (national and local)


The Journal is an ideal vehicle to promote industry products and services, as is the host web-site The editor of the Journal, Llewellyn van Wyk (former president of the South African Institute of Architects and the Commonwealth Institute of Architects, currently working with CSIR Built Environment Unit) describes the purpose of the Journal as one of “enhancing architectural, engineering and environmental scholarship in design, history, built environment, cultural studies, technology, theory, and practice related to sustainable building and construction activities.”


In partnership with the Commonwealth Association of Architects, Alive2Green is hosting The South African Green Living Expo and Green Building Southern Africa Conference & Round Table. Which will be held in November this year at the CSIR International Convention Centre. The South African Green Living Expo will be the most comprehensive exhibition focusing on environmentally astute living, aimed at homeowners and the construction industry. Now, more than ever, people are aware of the need to conserve electricity and water and to choose products that generate lower levels of emissions.


The Green Building Conference will include invitee Speakers such as Dr. Charles Kibbert, (Professor and Director of the Powell Centre for Construction and Environment at the University of Florida.) David W. Orr (the Paul Sears Distinguished Professor and Chair of the Environmental Studies and Politics at Oberlin College, Ohio). Che Wall (founder and director of the Green Buil¬ding Council of Australia). Renowned architects and designers such as Lord Norman Foster and William McDonough to name a few.


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Be sure to also check out the article on ‘Design Guidelines for Energy Efficient Buildings’