Getting started with your building project


In order to end a building project successfully it is critical to start it by establishing exactly what your needs and requirements are.  Every person has his or her own knowledge, experience, aspirations, desires and needs, and above all, you also provide the recourses to realise your expectations.  Some people may have vast experience in the construction industry, many others have much less, but whatever your situation, it makes sense to start with some self-examination to assess what you already know and what you will establish with your architect's help.

The questions outlined below can serve as a guide.


  1. What activities do you wish to accommodate in the project? An architect with experience can help you refine your requirements and spatial needs and set out a defined programme.

  2. Do you already have a site, or do you need your architect's input in choosing the right location for your project?

  3. Have you or your organisation set a fixed construction schedule and budget?

  4. What should your building communicate to the public aesthetically? Do have any design aspirations?

  5. What are your overall expectations for the project?

  6. How will decisions be made?  Will a single person sign off decisions, or would there be a committee?

  7. How much information do you need to make decisions?

  8. Where will the recourses to create and operate the project come from?

  9. How much experience do you have in design and construction?  If you have gone through the process before, where were you the most successful, and where were you the most disappointed?


You don't need complete answers to these questions; your architect will indeed help you think them through. This clarity should help you select the best architect for the project.